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What to Expect During the Proposal Process

Our Editorial and Content Teams work on programming across many conferences and educational platforms in the food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle industries. In varying capacities, this includes but is not limited to: 

New Hope Network

*While NHN only accepts proposals for Natural Products Expos East & West, we review speaker/session/content ideas with all educational programming in mind.


*Please visit the below show websites for specific proposal submission deadlines and instructions.

New Hope Network

Our content and conference teams curate programming and speakers for each educational opportunity based on a combination of research, input from advisory boards, and proposal review. At the end of our proposal window for each event, we summon our editorial power and industry expertise to finalize speaking opportunities.

Our selection process is guided by themes and narratives chosen for each event that reflect year-long content goals that support an overall educational mission. In our review of proposals, we also aim to include new and disruptive industry/expert voices each year.

We receive a large volume of speaker and session proposals each year. Due to the volume of proposals and requests we receive, you may only hear from our teams if we reach out to learn more or invite you to participate in educational programming. Any proposals sent to individual emails outside of the proposal process may not be answered.


Our primary audience consists of trade professionals working in the food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle industry. This includes retailers, health practitioners, distributors/brokers, service providers, suppliers and manufacturers. We seek educational content that is compelling, timely, relevant, unbiased, and interesting to this audience.

Please Note

  • Presenters are prohibited from self-promotion, may not hand out marketing materials or product samples to the audience, and cannot sell services onsite. The most common complaint we receive from attendees is when presenters pitch themselves or their services during an education session.
  • We often record presentations and make educational content available to attendees post-show. To be considered as a speaker, we will ask that you allow New Hope Network to record your presentation.
  • Sponsorship at shows or conferences does not guarantee involvement in educational programming. Sponsorship, however, does not exclude your organization from involvement in education should your expertise match audience and programming needs.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to 

Submission Schedule for Natural Products Expo East & Expo West

Natural Products Expo East & Business School 2018:  Closed

Natural Products Expo West & Business School 2018: Opening Summer 2018